Parental Testimony

 Ma'ili Bible School has been such a blessing to us! My son has attended this school since 1st grade, and during that first year, I have seen tremendous growth in him. He has blossomed from a shy, insecure little boy into a confident, friendly, outgoing, and talkative young child. He always comes home and repeats the verses he learned in school, what God wants from us, what pleases Him, and what we can do to serve Him. He also says how much he loves his teacher and his friends. His teacher, Mrs. Sigvardsen, is wonderful! When talking with her, it is easy to sense the genuine love and care she has for not only her students, but everyone around her. The entire staff has been loving, patient, caring, and accepting. I could not ask for more. It constantly amazes me how blessed I have been to be able to send my son here. I have never experienced such love, warmth and support from a school before. I love it here, my son loves it here, and he said he is going to graduate from this school. At Ma’ili Bible School, it truly feels like a great big family!

~Rhawnee Kealoha, parent of a 2nd grader~

Our granddaughter is a 6th grade student at Ma’ili Bible School. She has been attending Ma’ili Bible School since kindergarten. Ma’ili Bible School has provided her with a sound Christ-centered foundation that pushes her to always do her best for the Lord. The curriculum is on par with other Christian schools. The classroom ratios are small and conducive to a better learning experience. The children may participate in extracurricular activities such as the arts and after school athletics. The staff is friendly and caring, and provides a safe nurturing environment for everyone. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Ma’ili Bible School and would encourage anyone to take a leap of faith and check it out.

~Frank and Glorieana Woolsey, grandparents of a 6th grader~

Our highest goal in life is to spend all eternity with God our Creator in heaven. That's why we have chosen Ma'ili Bible School to help us accomplish this goal for our son who has been attending this school for the past 5 years. His first grade teacher helped him to become a born-again believer, and he knows that his name is written in the Book of Life. We, as parents, the community, and Ma'ili Bible School will continue to help him grow in his Christian life. The teachers are kind, gentle, patient, and show the love of Christ towards all the children and teenagers. They truly understand the beginning of knowledge and the value of wisdom. What else could we ask for in a school. Thank you Ma'ili Bible School for all that you do. God bless!

~Leroy and Shirley Ortiz, parents of a 5th grader~

I am writing on behalf of my family, thanking Ma’ili Bible School for its wonderful educational program and for allowing us to become part of their family at Ma’ili Bible. I have two children attending the school. My daughter, who is now in the third grade, has been attending Ma’ili Bible since kindergarten. This year my four year old is part of the K4 program. Both of my daughters have come a long way with education and their walk with Christ. My four-year-old daughter can memorize Bible verses, give Scriptures from the Bible, along with learning various things. She continues to grow in the Lord and to learn new things daily. My third grader can multiply and divide. She can write and also memorize Bible verses, along with the abilities to learn new things daily. Ma’ili Bible has a safe environment for children. The teachers and staff go above and beyond for their students. I have been with Ma’ili Bible School for four years now and couldn't be anymore happier. Mr. and Mrs. Estrella, along with the staff at Ma’ili Bible School, are great. I thank the Lord and pray every day for their kind hearts and generosity. Through the years my relationship with the principal and staff have grown, and they have become a part of our family. I highly recommend this school for anyone coming from near or far. It is by far the best, and I give them five stars. Thank you Ma’ili Bible School and staff for always putting our children first.

~Stephanie Medeiros, parent of students in K4 and 3rd grade~


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